1949 – Foundation of Convention

New Zealand Convention of the Deaf was formed with only one sport, table tennis. Auckland Adult Deaf Society won to Wellington Deaf Society.

1950 – First NZ Deaf Council And Sports For The Deaf

The first New Zealand Deaf Council and Sports for the Deaf was taken in Christchurch. Chairman (John Kinnear), Secretary (Jack R. Swindale), Auckland delegate (Sen Smith), Wellington delegate (Hayton Williams) and Christchurch delegate (Cecil Cairns)

1951 – First Triangle Table Tennis

The first triangle Table Tennis including Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland team

1951 – Basketball Team join NZ Convention

Deaf Basketball team joined the New Zealand Convention of the Deaf.

1952 – Athletics introduction

Athletics was introduced at the New Zealand Convention of the Deaf and more Deaf members from Deaf Societies took part in three different sports.

1952 – Children participate NZ Convention of the Deaf

Children from the School for the Deaf participated in games with Deaf Adults at the New Zealand Convention of the Deaf.

1970 – Aotearoa Turi Shield awarded for first time

The Aotearoa Turi Shield is awarded to the winning zone at the New Zealand Deaf Games. It was first awarded in 1970 to the Deaf Club or Deaf Society with the most points from all sports competed in the InterClub New Zealand Deaf Games competitions. Christchurch won the first shield in 1970

1970 – Naming change – NZCD to NZGD

New Zealand Convention of the Deaf changed to New Zealand Games of the Deaf (NZGD). This was proposed by two delegates: Norman Norris and Kevin Larry at the NZDASA Annual General Meeting.

1993 – Zones establishment

Northern and Central Zones have been established. Previously, Deaf athletes represented Deaf Societies in New Zealand. Southern Zone established in 2003.

2003 – Naming change – NZGD to NZDG

New Zealand Games for the Deaf changed to New Zealand Deaf Games.

2017 – Changes to the New Zealand Deaf Games gets approved

Deaf Sports New Zealand held a Special General Meeting to vote on changes to the Deaf Sports New Zealand Constitution and also the New Zealand Deaf Games By-Laws. The New Zealand Deaf Games are no longer restricted to Deaf athletes but will instead welcome hearing athletes to compete in the newly created Social Grade

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