Differences between Aotearoa Turi and NZSL Game

Aotearoa Turi Shield is same as what New Zealand Deaf Games traditionally held competitions in the past and continues to in the future; Aotearoa Turi competition is an interclub zone competition, based on regional zones; Northern, Central and Southern.

If your team is from Northern zone and win, you will be awarded points for the shield. If you have enough players to form a team from your city such as Christchurch or Dunedin, you can do so, however the points you won will be contributed to Southern Zone unless another team from your zone already have won more points than you. Medals will be awarded to first, second and third team respectively. Points will be awarded to first, second and third team, only once to each zone per sport competition grade.

Aotearoa Turi is limited to New Zealand residents who have 55 dB+ or more deafness in line with International Committee of Sports for the Deaf regulations.

New Zealand Sign Language Games is a new competition. You can form any teams, any name. There are no location based limitations. You can have a person from Whangarei, Invercargill and an international player in the same team. No points for Aotearoa Turi shield is awarded. There is no overall competition trophy. However medals will be awarded.



Aotearoa Turi NZSL Games
Requirement: 55+dB in both ears No requirement.
Competition type: Interzone based teams. Social teams.
Aotearoa Turi points: Wins points No points
Medals: Wins medals Wins medals

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